KING KONG (Cooper/Schoedsack, 1933) and its Ground Breaking Special Effects


KING KONG (Cooper/Schoedsack, 1933) and its Ground Breaking Special Effects From Edgar Wallace’s first draft of “The Beast” to “Kong, the eighth wonder of the world,” Merian C. Cooper and B. Schoedsack established… Continue reading

The Magic of METROPOLIS (Fritz Lang, Germany, 1927)


The Magic of METROPOLIS (Fritz Lang, Germany, 1927)   Made at the height of the German Expressionist movement in the Weimar Republic, Metropolis almost bankrupted German studio UFA, costing more than 500,000 Reichsmarks… Continue reading

YouTube Nickelodeon Part II: Melies’ Contemporaries


YouTube Nickelodeon Part II: Melies’ Contemporaries In addition to the short films by Melies, we also screened a number of early films by his contemporaries in Europe and America who also pioneered special… Continue reading

Watch It Again… YouTube Nickelodeon Part I: Melies


Watch It Again… YouTube Nickelodeon Part I: Melies   A number of the short films we watched as part of the special silent movie night yesterday are available on YouTube, so you can… Continue reading

More on Melies


More on Melies Known as the “father of special effects,” Georges Melies originally worked as a magician, operating the Theatre Robert-Houdin.  Attending the very first screening of the Lumiere brothers’ Cinematographe in December… Continue reading

All about HUGO (Martin Scorcese, 2011)


All about HUGO (Martin Scorcese, 2011) LINKS: This article addresses Hugo and the difficulties of doing advanced visual effects in 3D. A great article about Hugo‘s visual effects, its homages to early cinema,… Continue reading

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